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The Condition, Challenges
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A Wireless Content Delivery System

Mogistic Mobigo is a real time wireless content delivery system that easily converts your conventional website for wireless device reception. It quickly removes large graphics, redundant menus and superfluous links to deliver your existing website content in a simplified format readable by any wireless device.

Mogistic Mobigo is elegant but surprisingly simple. A series of tags embedded in your existing HTML code mark the content that you wish to display on mobile devices. When a wireless device user accesses your website, the request passes through Mogistic Mobigo which automatically interprets your tags and displays your content in the format specific to that wireless device. Preparing your website is a breeze, sort of like using a highlighter to mark the content that you want to make available to the wireless user.

Only Mogistic Mobigo requires that you maintain just one website for both conventional and wireless users and for all wireless devices. You don't need to build parallel websites or use other mobile-device languages. Mogistic Mobigo extracts your marked HTML content and translates it into wireless-ready code.

Mogistic Mobigo is the simple way to deliver your content to wireless users within a WAN's range. Use it to expand your business' capabilities by reaching more consumers. Contact Mogistic for more information about how to use Mogistic Mobigo strategically for your company.



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