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Manage your projects and your project management team with Teamtivity Project.

To bring all of your management needs together, use Project. Project coordinates all of Teamtivity's core features into a comprehensive management tool.

Manage meetings, workloads, and communications all with one application. Project allows you to create, schedule, and assign tasks. You can easily determine associate availability through features such as the calendar and workload graphs. The message center will keep you up-to-date on team members' status on each task. In addition, the contact section can be used to keep a working history and open communications with clients. Teamtivity's combination of core features and Project are and ideal to effectively and efficiently manage your team.

Explore some of the Project features:

Teamtivity Project Overview   

Project Overview

The overview page allows for basic project information to be entered. Including type, contacts, delivery date and managing contacts.

Teamtivity Task Entry   

Task Entry

A project can have as many tasks as it takes to get the job done. Separate tasks allow you to assign, reassign, and keep track of multiple team members' progress throughout a project. Teamtivity then tracks all hours and generates available reports on each task page.

Teamtivity Gantt View   

Gantt View

An easy to read gantt chart is available for each project. You can see contingencies, task progress, and budget status depicted in each chart.

Teamtivity Project Levels   

Project Levels

Analyze task progress and budget status with color-coded visual guides on each project page.

Teamtivity Resource Allocation   

Resource Allocation

Quickly gauge what your group or organization resource levels are for accurate scheduling and staffing needs.

Teamtivity Predictive Alerts   

Predictive Alerts

Predictive alerting will warn you of projects and/or tasks that are in danger of going over budget or missing the deadline. Use this knowledge to be pro-active, rather than reactive, when a situation arises.

Teamtivity Project Discussion   

Project Discussions

Start dialogue around projects and allow all parties involved to be aware of project status and events. Open up two way conversations with your key team members.



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