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Sharing and reusing contact information has never been easier.

The Contact feature not only allows you to input organization information but handles multiple individual contacts within an organization. Teamtivity Contact is part of the new millennium, focusing on organization and communication.

Contact is no longer a feature just containing business contacts and their information. This feature also includes the ability sort and retrieve various information about a contact. Look up active projects, post messages to contacts, or see a history of past and present meetings. Let Teamtivity custom build features for your Contact information. 

Explore some of the Contact features:

Teamtivity Search Contacts   

Search Contacts

The Contacts section allows you to search by company or individual contact. Quickly find the contact information you are looking for.

Teamtivity Company Information   

Company Information

Contacts are organized by company and then company contacts. This allows for optimal flexibility in sorting your private and personal leads.


Teamtivity Company Contacts   

Company Contacts

Add as many people to a company profile as needed. Each contact can have a unique address and other information.


Teamtivity Contact History   

Contact History

All relative information about the history of a contact is in one view. Past contacts, events, and projects are all immediately presented on the contact page with more detailed information contained behind the click of a button.



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