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A feature complete groupware calendar system.
The Calendar is vital to evaluate associate availability. Use the calendar to coordinate various team members' availability and to schedule meetings and other company events. Include all team members in appropriate meetings by the click of a button. The Calendar makes it easy to discern who is available when, and automatically schedule the next event.

Never miss another meeting. After a meeting is scheduled, the date on the user's home page is automatically marked and easily visible to the associate that an event is planned. The individual user's events are listed daily with their scheduled times right on their homepage.

Explore some of the Calendar features:

Teamtivity Calendar Quick View   

Quick View

Each individual will have their own quick view of the calendar on the home page. This provides instant recognition of events and easy access to the details of what and when.

Teamtivity Time Views   

Various Time Frames

Each user can customize the calendar by selecting from the day, week, or month view. Each view creates an easy to understand guide for your entire schedule as you want to see it.

Teamtivity New Events   

New Events

Schedule new events in a versatile manor. Versatility allows you to include one or many internal and external contacts, and to specify event recurrence within multiple parameters.

Teamtivity Event Discussion   

Event Discussions

Enter meeting notes and initiate a discussion around an event. Discussions are archived for access through contact pages.



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