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Centralize your communications with relational messaging.
The Message feature is an easy to use central communications center for your company. Use it to send important messages to individuals or groups without adding to e-mail inbox cluttering.

The message center will ensure that an important message will not get overlooked in a full inbox. Keep your team members up-to-date on discussions and posted on workload developments. Your messages and responses will be archived to allow for easy retrieval, while protecting against individual lost data. 

Explore some of the Message features:

Teamtivity Color Coded Messages   

Color Coded Messages

Instantly get quick visual cues on what types of communications you are receiving. This allows the user to easily discern and follow message threads and content. Let us customize your messaging and communications needs.

Teamtivity Message Folders   

Message Folders

Use folders to sort and organize important communications. View and store messages by their relation to you.


Teamtivity Message Threads   

Expandable Threads

Stay in the "loop" with expandable threads that allow you to quickly review communications around a particular subject. Collapse the threads when you're finished reviewing to save on space.

Teamtivity Relational Messaging   

Relational Messaging

Discussions can be generated around almost any object built into Teamtivity. Start a conversation about a project, contact, event, task, teammate, or group.



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