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Organize your team for business work processes.
The Team feature of Teamtivity will help you and your associates to communicate more effectively and efficiently. Each team member will have access to personalized and pertinent information.

This highly customizable feature leaves room to post employee manuals and human resource information. It also allows for at-a-glance workload management.

Explore some of the Team features:

Teamtivity Personalized Home Page   

Personalized Home Page

Each team member has their own personal home page relaying all pertinent information at-a-glance. Each element on the page is
relative to the particular team member. They get quick detailed access to all important items with one click.

Teamtivity Team Members   

Team Members

Another customizable option in the Team feature allows you to configure your team in various ways. Use it to keep track of individual personal information, availability, and group designations.

Teamtivity Groups   

Define Groups

Define your groups comprised on each individual's particular role. The Team feature gives secure access to other features defined by groups. Specialty groups can be created to serve a particular role in a process.



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