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User Guide for Contentivity

Contentivity is a powerful tool designed to be intuitive to use. This guide provides a practical level of detail to enable users to begin working with the tool. As with any tool, proficiency will improve with usage. This guide is a reference and not a substitute for "hands on" training and experience.

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  Skills Commonly Used Features
Basic Has basic office skills with tools such as Microsoft Word™ or WordPad™.

- Editing Page Content
- Editing Widgets
- HTML Widget
- Image Widget
- Adding Pages
- Deleting Pages
- Copying Pages
- Sorting Pages
- Publishing Pages
- Uploading Assets

Intermediate Has some experience with organizing information. - Collections
- Page Collection Widget
- Static Link List
Advanced Is Internet savvy and can organize complete information hierarchies such as Web sites. - Sites
- Widgets
- Assets
- Widget Guides
Webmaster Has experience in designing and building Web sites using tools such as Dreamweaver, GoLive or Frontpage. Can build Web pages using HTML and understands Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). - Templates
- Styles
- Administration
Internet Developer Is fluent in developing Web-based applications using .Net - Installation
- Widget Registry
- Attributes



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