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Mogistic's Contentivity is a Content Management System designed to unite a full range of content management activities. Integrating a full line of interactions with your customers and prospects, the system offers the capability to target and secure new clients while broadening the products and services they access. Internally, the software streamlines the web management process and allows greater contribution to the site from employee users. And Mogistic offers the training and support needed to ensure the most effective use of Contentivity for your business.

WYSIWYG Content Editing

Contentivity's built in WYSIWYG editor allows an inexperienced user to easily edit or create their own content. No coding required. Features include formatting, images, tables, links, spell check, anchors, lists, CSS and more.

  Contentivity WYSIWYG Editor

Point and Click Site Building

Build your site structure in minutes using a mouse. Simply right-click to add or copy a page. Reposition and sort page nodes with drag-and-drop. Publish entire sections with one click.

Contentivity Site Tree


Widgets are the foundation of editable content in Contentivity. The WYSIWYG Editor is embedded in the HTML Widget. There are many different types of Widgets built-in to Contentivity including Dynamic Navigation, Site Map, Search, Form and many others.

Contentivity Widgets

Content Collections

Collections allow you to organize groups of pages by type or desired placement independent of their order in the site navigation. For example your Home page or RSS feed may include all recent news but your Products section will only feature new product news. Collections can also be used to syndicate content.

Contentivity Collections


Using templates you have complete control over the look and feel of your site. In Contentivity your site doesn't have to look like it is managed through a CMS. Whether you import Dreamweaver™ templates or upload your own ASP.NET templates Contentivity enables design freedom.

Contentivity Templates

Site Asset Management

Upload, organize and publish assets using Contentivity's Asset management features. Set folder permissions for the use, management and publishing of assets. Contentivity accepts all file types.

Contentivity Assets

Cascading Style Sheet Management

In Contentivity Cascading Style Sheets can be managed and published independent of the rest of your content. Each Style record can be associated with a template therefore any page that uses that template also inherits that style. This gives you the flexibility to define duplicate tag definitions in the same interface.

Contentivity CSS

Flexible and Scalable Security Model

Access control is a key part of content management. Contentivity's role based security allows complete control over read, modify and create parameters down to a piece of content on a page. With Contentivity you now have the ability to assign edit permissions to individual Widgets.

Contentivity Security


Contentivity's Workflow system allows Administrators the ability to configure Workflow Models. A Workflow Model is a group of Steps that take place in sequence. Contentivity comes with Approval, Notification and Publish Steps and any number of or combination of these steps can constitute a Workflow Model.

Contentivity Workflow

Extendible and Customizable

Contentivity is built on the .Net platform and can easily be extended or customized using the same framework features you are familiar with. Create your own Widgets, Workflow Steps, GUI Elements or any other type of customization using Contentivity's API.

Contentivity Extend



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