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Mogistic is a software development firm located in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, about an hour from New York City and Philadelphia. We specialize in software for website development and content management.

Our current flagship product, Contentivity, is the result of five years of development and use of a system we created to accomodate our own needs. As web designers we utiltize PhotoShop, Flash, and Dreamweaver to bring our website designs to life as complete websites, but our web designers needed a more flexible system to build robust web applications without learning C# or .NET. Also, they needed to be able to provide a complete content management solution to give their clients more scalability and development flexiblity.

Our first application, ProfitSuite, launched in 2003 fit the bill perfectly, and we received numerous awards and recognition for such a dynamic application. We have continued to make it better, and in 2007 we released our fourth version and renamed the application "Contentivity" which is the name you see today. As of May 2008 we have released our fifth version, which includes our video management module, VideoWeb. We have also recently released our Kiosk Management Module, Kiowa, which is ideal for Flash developers looking to provide a tool to end-user clients who want to update their Flash-driven kiosks and digital signs independently.

Many web design firms who use Contentivity are ecstatic that they are no longer bound to develop corporate ecommerce solutions in PHP and MySQL due to budgetary or skill set restrictions. Contentivity is affordable to the developer and end-user client, and allows the designer to build without code. Our system of widgets provide all the code and functionality needed, and they are available with a click (or two.)

We encourage you to learn more and request a demo to see how you can begin using Contentivity to take your website development business to the next level.



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