Teamtivity - effectively and efficiently manage your team


Manage your team with Teamtivity

To bring all of your management needs together, use Teamtivity. Manage meetings, workloads, and communications all with one application. Project allows you to create, schedule, and assign tasks. You can easily determine associate availability through features such as the calendar and workload graphs. The message center will keep you up-to-date on team members' status on each task. In addition, the contact section can be used to keep a working history and open communications with clients. Teamtivity is an ideal solution for effective and efficient management of your team.

Feature Categories

  • Team
    Build your team to support your process goals. Keep everyone on your team connected and aware.

  • Message
    This relational messaging system allows your whole team to collaborate in real time.

  • Calendar
    A full featured group calendar system for all types of events. Your entire team's time can be managed through this feature.
  • Contacts
    Manage your key contacts. Personal or public contacts can be entered and sorted for use in other key features.

  • Project
    This ready-to-use tool of Teamtivity allows for management of multiple projects simultaneously.



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