Mogistic a Finalist for 2008 Technology Company of The Year

(Lehigh Valley, PA) - Mogistic, a software development firm located in Lehigh Valley, PA, is a finalist for 2008 Technology Company of The Year sponsored by the Technology Council of Central Pennsylvania.

"We are honored to be given this recognition," said Jim Ludlow. "Our team has worked hard to build outstanding products and be a key technology player in Pennsylvania."

The award is the culmination of efforts following the development of Mogistic's Contentivity Software Platform. Contentivity is a web-management platform that enables an organization to control content and data, including video and other multimedia files, from various sources and distribute that content into portals, applications, websites, and devices. It empowers all permitted employees with basic word processing skills the ability to promote organizational content through any channel management requires. Built on .NET framework, the platform is fully extendible through the use of widget controls and .NET assemblies via the API. Organizations can fully adapt the platform to their application needs.

Businesses struggle with managing their online marketing effort and lack the tools to get a return on investment with the money they have spent on the website. Contentivity has changed that, allowing these websites to become serious business channels.

Mogistic continues to add application modules to the platform, including VideoWeb, a video-for-web management system, and Mobigo, designed to allow the existing website to adapt to mobile device requests, eliminating the need for a duplicate mobile website. "We hope to make another run at Technology Company of The Year for 2009," Ludlow said. "We are keeping our focus to exceed client expectations and deliver the software products and service they deserve."

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