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(Lehigh Valley, PA) - As Internet video begins to sweep through the Internet, many an entrepreneur is wondering what to make of this new medium. Is it a passing fancy or is it the new way people will get news, information, research, and entertainment?

It's no secret that the power of social networking has elevated online video to a much higher place in the Internet world. Combine advances with video compression technology, high-resolution players, and the viral power of sharing and the meteoric rise of web video is easy to understand. Unfortunately, many small business owners are wondering how they can use it to effectively help their business. And if they aren't careful, the wrong plan can be disastrous.

With the broadband revolution that has swept up most consumer households (58.1 million in the US; 197 million globally (as of Dec 2006)), more and more users are turning to web video as their source for entertainment and information on a daily basis. In May 2007, YouTube had 43 million unique visitors with 164 million visits and 2.4 billion page views, with an average stay of almost sixteen minutes. Still dwarfed by MySpace with its 75 billion pageviews, YouTube is nonetheless a web property on the move upward. It represents the rising popularity of web video to the masses.

Video can accomplish a lot of things for the entrepreneur willing to embrace the medium. Nearly every business with a web presence can benefit, particularly ones that need a way to market to a particular demographic or demonstrate the effectiveness of a product.

Savvy business owners are already looking at creating video content for product demos and product training. In doing so many are having videos professionally shot and edited specifically for web publication.

For the entrepreneur to successfully publish video content on the web they need media management software designed to integrate with their website brand. Such software would allow employees without any technical expertise to upload and manage multimedia files on the company website and distribute them securely within the company's brand identity.

One such media management package is VideoWeb™, a complete multimedia web management solution published by Mogistic. VideoWeb™ ships with user tools that allow a website owner the ability to create their own branded video channels and publish them on the Internet. With a few clicks of the mouse a user can add video content, create and manage the channels where it will be published, set access permissions, and control the brand image under which it will be displayed. "Users demand the ability to professionally broadcast video content and manage it on the fly. VideoWeb™ provides the typical website owner easy-to-use tools to accomplish exactly that," says Marcus Cudd, Director of Sales and Marketing at Mogistic. VideoWeb™ is an application published on the Contentivity Open Platform, Mogistic's popular content management system that allows developers to customize and publish under their private label.

While the natural inclination would be to post their videos across multiple video-sharing sites, that could have unfortunate consequences. First, video-sharing sites are dedicated to non-commercial uses. A business owner using this service would be violation of the Terms of Service and likely have the account shut down.

Second, unscrupulous competitors could download these videos, re-edit them, and re-publish them anonymously, embedding whatever message they choose.

Finally, video-sharing sites typically do not offer the ability to design the branding around delivery of the media. You have spent so much time, energy, and money developing a brand, it should be promoted within the context of all your media.

Business owners looking to take advantage of the web video revolution should consider adding media management software to their web business toolkit. It could be the easiest thing you can do to take your online sales channel to the next level.



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