Mogistic Launches Contentivity™ Open Platform for Private-Label Content Management Solution

(Breinigsville, PA) - Mogistic, a software development firm located in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, has just announced the launch of Contentivity™ Open Platform for web developers. Open Platform is the latest release by Mogistic of their flagship software, Contentivity™, an enterprise content management solution scalable for all businesses.

 "We are excited to take this next step with Contentivity™," says Marcus Cudd, Director of Sales and Marketing for Mogistic. "This represents a major change in the way web management tools can be licensed for web developers and designers to help clients get the most out of their websites."

 Contentivity™, initially launched as ProfitSuite in 2003, represents the latest version of the high-value content management system published by Mogistic. Well-secured in its niche as an easy-to-use and flexible enterprise solution that allows clients to spend more on the designer and less on the software, Contentivity™ has become an extremely attractive alternative to top-tier CMS providers with top-end price tags.

In working through several reseller-partners of Contentivity™, Mogistic identified the need to provide developers with the tools to build in their own mini-applications or "widgets" for reseller's clients to plug in while building content pages for their websites. From this, Open Platform was implemented to provide this flexibility. Applications can range from data-capturing forms and dynamic navigation to video channel management and flash components, all customized to the resellers needs.

 One such module that was developed for Contentivity™ is VideoWeb™, a media delivery system that organizes and manages video content within a completely customizable framework to allow users to match their brand. The launch of VideoWeb allows content producers to distribute their video content with complete control, including look and feel, as well as security and access controls. "Clients running rich-media websites find this tool necessary," Cudd says, "and it significantly reduces development time for web developers for those types of websites."

 "Opening up our platform was a natural for us with Contentivity™. We were already working closely with our resellers helping them maximize it's usefulness with their clients. Allowing them to create and distribute their own applications within it's framework was an easy step, "says Lawrence Wolfe, Managing Director of Mogistic. "Now they have the opportunity to make it their own with our co-branded or private-label option," he offers.

Mogistic has made Open Platform available to new and existing resellers of Contentivity™.



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