Content Management
Mogistic's Contentivity™ is a Content Management System designed to unite a full range of marketing activities. Integrating a full line of interactions with your customers and prospects, the system offers the capability to target and secure new clients while broadening the products and services they access. Internally, the software streamlines the web management process and allows greater contribution to the site from employee users. And Mogistic offers the training and support needed to ensure the most effective use of Contentivity™ for your business.

Mobile Web
In the natural progression of Internet technology, mobile web is the next component in e-business. Mogistic's Mobigo™ is a real-time content delivery system designed to translate your current conventional website seamlessly for wireless reception. The result is broad, consistent and constant outreach for your web site. Mogistic's support services ensure the web show must go on.

Video On The Web
A video web is an online destination with primarily video content organized into channels for easy browsing by your web visitors. VideoWeb™ is a video web management system that enables content producers with tools to create and manage dynamic video web applications. Available as a stand-alone system or module for Contentivity™, VideoWeb features powerful video web browsing, searching and playback of common internet media formats. VideoWeb™ also allows the video channel to use the brand identity you have built for your business, integrating video seamlessly into your website.



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