Content Management Integration and Consulting

A Platform Independent Approach
Mogistic's approach to integrating a content management system (CMS) has much less to do with technology than it does with usability, structure and accountability. No matter what system is used, the general approach is the same... always consider the content contributor.

One System, Many Outcomes
Most content management systems are built upon frameworks that can be implemented in many different ways therefore creating many different experiences for content contributors. Careful consideration of how your content contributors will interact with the system is an important factor in a successful CMS deployment.

Services and Solutions
Mogistic's services for content management integration and consulting are designed to support both existing CMS renovation and new CMS integration.

  • Existing System Analysis
    Mogistic will review your current CMS implementation and provide specific actions required to improve your existing deployment.

  • CMS Selection
    Using your goals and internal resources, Mogistic will determine what system(s) best fit your needs.

  • CMS Integration Plan
    Before integration begins, it is critical to have a clear plan focused on creating a positive, empowering experience for your content contributors. Based upon your CMS selection, Mogistic will develop an integration plan designed for optimal success within your company.

  • CMS Integration
    Mogistic has experience with many systems and will install, configure and deploy your content management solution.

  • CMS Maintenance and Support
    With a CMS that has a large user base, your content will grow exponentially. Mogistic will monitor your deployment to ensure consistency in brand and taxonomy. Also, Mogistic can supplement support of your CMS users to maximize ease of use and accountability.



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