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White Paper
The Condition, Challenges
and Opportunities of
the Mobile Web

Extend Your Reach With Mobile Content Delivery

Mogistic Mobigo™ seamlessly transforms your conventional website into a wireless website. Using Mogistic Mobigo benefits you by:

  • Generating additional site traffic by making your site more accessible.
  • Providing a new vehicle with which to reach your customers.
  • Simplifying wireless content development with it's ease-of-use.
  • Delivers a consistent message across all devices.

Mobigo Engine ExampleMobigo makes web information continually available. Now clients can find changing schedules, directions, and sale information at any time. Mobigo works with your existing web site without the need for mobile device languages.

Wireless web technology lets you reach your prospective and current customers anywhere they are.

Even the most dedicated e-users leave their fixed desktops or laptops several hours a day. The wireless Internet extends your Internet reach by providing access to information and commerce whenever and wherever your customer wants it.

Once you see how consumers use the wireless Internet, you'll know that your company needs to be there... sooner rather than later...



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